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Prosumer Cooperation Behavior: Implications for Prosumer Community Design
Yves Hertig, Stephanie Teufel
2016, 14(4): 298-310. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.605291
Secure and Robust Digital Watermarking: A Survey
Chun-Lin Song, Le Yang, Xin Wang
2016, 14(4): 343-354. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.506081
Handheld 3D Scanner for Small Objects Using Kinect
Chia-Chi Hsu, Chung-Lin Huang
2016, 14(4): 377-383. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.160108
Low-Frequency Vibrations of Indole Derivatives by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Ya-Ru Dang, Shao-Ping Li, Hui Liu, Shao-Xian Li, Jian-Bing Zhang, Hong-Wei Zhao
2016, 14(4): 329-336. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.604171
Real-Time Human Body Motion Capturing System
Chung-Lin Huang, Chien-Wei Hsu, Zhi-Ren Tsai
2017, 15(2): 115-122. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.6060115
Attribute-Based Access Control with Efficient and Secure Attribute Revocation for Cloud Data Sharing Service
Nyamsuren Vaanchig, Wei Chen, Zhi-Guang Qin
2017, 15(1): 90-98. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.5121616
Cloud Based Software Computing as a Service in Hybrid Evolution Algorithm with Feedback Assistance
Ming-Shen Jian, Jun-Hong Shen, Kuan-Wei Lee, Yi-Chen Jhou, Chien-Tang Mai
2016, 14(4): 362-369. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.511101
A Study about Fe-Ni Mechanical Alloying Process by Dry and Wet Method
ZHOU Pei-heng, DENG Long-jiang, XIE Jian-liang, LIANG Di-fei, CHEN Liang
2005, 3(2): 164-167.
Implementation of Efficient B2G and V2G in Practical Cases
MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan, Kazi Mahtab Kadir, Md. Ibrahim Ibne Alam, Md. Khairul Alam, Jianhui Wong, Aseef Iqbal
2018, 16(4): 325-340. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.80715105
Cognition-Based Interactive Phases and Strategies in Teaching Academic Reading
Zhao Gao, Shan Gao, Qi Yang
2017, 15(1): 33-40. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.6062116
Human Action Recognition Based on Dense Trajectories Analysis and Random Forest
Pin-Zhong Pan, Chung-Lin Huang
2016, 14(4): 370-376. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.511181
Guest Editorial Special Section on Energy-Efficient Technologies-Crowd Energy Applications
Stephanie Teufel
2016, 14(4): 289-290. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.607311
A Low Complexity Algorithm for Subcarrier-and-Bit Allocation in OFDMA-Based LTE Systems
Wei-Chiang Wu, Chieh-Yen Hsu
2016, 14(4): 355-361. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.509081
Energy Management for a Residential Microgrid Using Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy Control Including a Vehicle-to-Grid System
Dong-Qing Zhang, Feng Yang, Yang Luo, Yu-Xiao Huang, Cheng-Long Xia
2016, 14(4): 291-297. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.604221
Guest Editorial____________________________Special Issue on Emerging Technologies for Big Data Processing
Chun Jason Xue
2019, 17(1): 1-2. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.80721907
Cognitive Study of the Linear Order of the English Construction "X and Y
Yong-Zhi Liu, Fan Fan
2017, 15(1): 20-24. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.6072319
Analysis of RF Feedback Chain Isolation in Wireless Co-Time Co-Frequency Full Duplex
Juan Zhou, Ying Shen, Ya-Juan Xue, Li Li
2018, 16(3): 282-288. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.71204011
Performance Optimization of Microstrip Antenna with Different Slot Configurations and Various Dielectric Materials
Soumendu Ghosh, Abhijit Ghosh, Indranath Sarkar
2018, 16(4): 379-384. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70728112
Broadband, High Gain, Narrow Width Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Air Gap
Ankit Kumar Roy, Sukla Basu
2019, 17(1): 90-96. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70728079
Internet of Things Cloud Framework for Smart Homes
RaafatAburukba, A. R. Al-Ali, Mohammed Rashid, Rizwan Hassan
2016, 14(4): 319-327. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.606261
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