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Learning Association Rules and Tracking the Changing Concepts on Webpages: An Effective Pornographic Websites Filtering Approach
Jyh-Jian Sheu
2018, 16(1): 24-36. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.71018182
Korean Morphological Analysis for Korean-Vietnamese Statistical Machine Translation
Quang-Phuoc Nguyen, Joon-Choul Shin, Cheol-Young Ock
2017, 15(4): 413-419. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.61005104
Overview of Graphene as Anode in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Ri-Peng Luo, Wei-Qiang Lyu, Ke-Chun Wen, Wei-Dong He
2018, 16(1): 57-68. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.6032519
Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Models Based on Bayesian Optimization
Jia Wu, Xiu-Yun Chen, Hao Zhang, Li-Dong Xiong, Hang Lei, Si-Hao Deng
2019, 17(1): 26-40. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.80904120
Optimizing Deep Learning Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm for Object Recognition and Robot Grasping
Delowar Hossain, Genci Capi, Mitsuru Jindai
2018, 16(1): 11-15. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.61103113
Ferroelectric Properties and Applications of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites
Xin Tong, Zhiming M. Wang
2017, 15(4): 326-332. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70909051
Novel Biological Based Method for Robot Navigation and Localization
Endri Rama, Genci Capi, Yusuke Fujimura, Norifumi Tanaka, Shigenori Kawahara, Mitsuru Jindai
2018, 16(1): 16-23. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.61103123
Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Bayesian Updating with Multiple Observations
Yung-Fa Huang, Jyu-Wei Wang
2019, 17(3): 252-259. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.71018179
Elimination of Spatial Side-Channel Information for Compact Quantum Key Distribution Senders
Wei-Shao Huang, Wei Zhang, Yi-Dong Huang
2019, 17(3): 195-203. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.90416014
A Survey about Algorithms Utilized by Focused Web Crawler
Yong-Bin Yu, Shi-Lei Huang, Nyima Tashi, Huan Zhang, Fei Lei, Lin-Yang Wu
2018, 16(2): 129-138. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70116018
Multi-Reconfigurable Band-Notched Coplanar Waveguide-Fed Slot Antenna
M. Lertwatechakul, C. Benjangkaprasert
2018, 16(1): 74-78. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.61019110
Parallelizing Modified Cuckoo Search on MapReduce Architecture
Chia-Yu Lin, Yuan-Ming Pai, Kun-Hung Tsai, Charles H.-P. Wen, Li-Chun Wang
2013, 11(2): 115-123. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-862X.2013.02.002
Guest Editorial: New and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language and Cognition
Jie-Hui Hu, Guillaume Thierry
2017, 15(1): 1-4. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.7011414
Cognition-Based Interactive Phases and Strategies in Teaching Academic Reading
Zhao Gao, Shan Gao, Qi Yang
2017, 15(1): 33-40. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.6062116
Attribute-Based Access Control with Efficient and Secure Attribute Revocation for Cloud Data Sharing Service
Nyamsuren Vaanchig, Wei Chen, Zhi-Guang Qin
2017, 15(1): 90-98. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.5121616
Performance Characterization of Parallel Game-tree Search Application Crafty
TAN Ying, LUO Ke-lu, CHEN Yu-rong, ZHANG Yi-min
2006, 4(2): 155-160.
Optimal Scheduling of Air Conditioners for Energy Efficiency
K. Venkatesan, Uppu Ramachandraiah
2018, 16(2): 110-122. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70802158
Maximum Power Point Tracking in Variable Speed Wind Turbine Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using Maximum Torque Sliding Mode Control Strategy
Esmaeil Ghaderi, Hossein Tohidi, Behnam Khosrozadeh
2017, 15(4): 391-399. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70824028
Conductometric Titration for the Prediction of Conductivity in Solutions with Polymeric Membranes
María JoséLavorante, Juan Isidro Franco
2017, 15(4): 342-350. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.70816017
Reversible Data Hiding Based on Greedy Pairing Prediction-Error Expansion
Yi-Nan Lin, Gwo-Jen Chiou, Cheng-Ying Yang, Victor R. L. Shen, Chiao-Chih Lai
2022, 20(3): 294-304. doi: 10.11989/JEST.1674-862X.90301104
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