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Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, JEST

ISSN: 1674-862X

Frequency: 4 issues/year

Writing Tips

How to Write an Abstract of High Quality

Abstract is a part of the most importance in academic writing. An abstrct of a paper usually has a fairly standard form; it informs readers about the authors’ main contributions with the information as follows:

1) What is the problem to be resolved? Or what is the author's focus in the paper?

2) How do the authors solve the problem? Or what method is used or processed to solve the problem?

3) What results are achieved and what conclusions have been drawn from the study of the problem?

4) What is new and original in the paper?

In writing an abstrct, the authors are suggested to pay attention to the following points:

a) Eliminate or minimize background information in abstract.

b) Limit the abstract to new information, i.e. the authors’ main ideas and contributions.

c) Use short sentences as possible.

d) Be clear and brief. Abstracts should not be too short or too long, best within 100 words to 150 words.