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Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, JEST

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Writing Tips

Writing Tips on Abstract and Keywords

Some writing tips on the Abstract and Keywords writing are given as follows, when you write your papers, you may check it following them.
An abstract should summarize the authors' main contributions of the paper not the subjective assessment of the writer(s). It should contain only what you are specifically reporting in the manuscript. And please note that the material in the abstract should not be repeated later word for word in the paper. When you write Abstract, you may refer to the list as follows:
a) What the problem to be resolved? Or what is the author's focus in this paper?
b) How do you solve the problem? Or what is the method or process to solve the problem?
c) What results do you achieved and what conclusions are drawn from the study of the problem?
d) What is new and original in this paper? How do you evaluate your results compared with existing achievements in quantitive words?
e) Note that to eliminate or minimize background information in abstract.
f)  Limit the abstract within 150 words.
e) The descriptions referring to the research background are not suggested in the abstract.
And please check that the style of writing is in the third person throughout, especially in the abstract.
Keywords are a list of the major topics embodied in your article. Be as specific as possible in describing the concepts or ideas in the article. According to the statistic of IEEE, most IEEE articles are well indexed if they use 5 to 8 indexing keywords. So, please check that the keywords are appropriate for information retrieval purposes, at least 4 keywords.
When you select the keywords for your article, it is recommended to refer to the IEEE keywords list and the keywords listed in the high-quality papers of your research area. You can download the IEEE keywords list from the IEEE website athttp://www.ieee.org/organizations/pubs/ani_prod/keywrd98.txt. As new technologies evolve, when there are no appropriate IEEE keywords the author is encouraged to create keywords.